Sunday, January 9, 2011

No One Killed Jessica...

Alas...Tragic indeed that it took the life of an innocent girl to awaken this country to the power of being united. And it is in this spirit that No One Killed Jessica is a fantastic articulation of expression of hard faced reality that no one is above the law.

Poor child Jessica lost her life for some moron son of a high headed political godfather few years back. Her biggest fault was that she refused a drink to that monster as the party was over. But then what the country witnessed was a no small ordeal of sorts involving everyone from powerful politician, judiciary, media and most importantly the common man.

Everyone who is more than 25 years old or so today must be remembering this whole episode unless they have lived in a skull devoid of media. I remember in my college days every news channel and newspaper carried this news extensively and describing how an influential clout can get someone away from the jaws of judiciary thus leaving a permanent impression on my mind. But then little did anyone of us knew that nation backed by the media can upturn the court's ruling by persuading the legal system to pursue this case suo moto.

And what a turnaround since then. A candle-lit procession in Delhi in support of Jessica made the country stand up unanimously and be at the backbone of support to her sister in fighting this case again.

I just can't forget what happened in those few days in India as for someone who is made to believe by the stereotyped movies and middle class mindset that one can get away with anything as long as he has the phone number of some don / politician. This incident of people movement has thankfully left such an indelible mark on me that I have all again since then started believing that faith needs to be restored in our system and every injustice ought to be fought with unrelenting gut and conviction.

I highly recommend this movie to every adult and teen in India and everywhere else as No One Killed jessica beautifully captures the sensitivity of the issue balancing it with enough dose of inspiration for you and me. Of course not to forget the heart moving songs like Aitbar, Dua and Yeh Pal.

Jessica sadly had to sacrifice her life but I am sure her beautiful soul is lying in peace finally now that there are many in the country today that are just no ready to go down without a fight.

Lastly good job Rajkumar Gupta for directing a meaningful movie for the nation. This will always remain one of my favourites.