Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Bhatakati Zindagi!

They say pen down for better memory but I wonder whether memory is worth it sometimes though. For some putting things down in writing just offers a window to channel their emotions, thoughts, fears and desires as at least it does not offer hostility. To me personally it provides a window to gather the momentum of positivity and muster courage to rise above inhibitions by knowing I can write by being me. After engaging myself in a highest level screw ups in life on a daily basis for a long time, I realize now that daily action and every subsequent action questions the very basis of everything one does. Educations - screw up, career - screw up, relationship - screw up, family - screw up. friends - screw up,life goals - screw up, and probably everything else not mentioned too. This sums up pretty much everything I have created, a sort of down hill. Legend has it that life throws enough signs at every step to steer oneself clear of distractions. Inner self above all shouts out at every wrong step of caution. Then why is it that despite the universe standing my one's side to offer guidance, distractions and wrong choices overpower ones inner voice and vision blinding for short term gains. It is not difficult to realize though that self belief, inspiring stories and few real life heroes are where answers are hidden. Probably need a self emanating conviction to go to them and seek solace in whatever is left still that can be used to put life back on track. This chapter will be one that either puts the last nail in the coffin or opens up new chapters of change for better.

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