Saturday, December 6, 2008

Change we all see but fail

In early century when I was 22 I decided now is the time to get going to live a life different from what my parents, teachers have dreamt of to live life of an engineer or a doctor, and like most other youngsters with the adrenaline rushing inside to be the change that textbooks have always spoken off on one fine day came to Bangalore. I was determined like never before inspired by India Today, Bussiness World and the like by the success stories they published again and again of Narayan Murthy, Kiran Mazumdar Shaw, Vijay Mallya and others.
I have somehow never luckily felt moved by the concept of locating somewhere else but India, more so by the headlines Indian businessmen have been making ever since I gained my senses from 5 years or so. Thanks to media world over by so widely articulating the India success story in all its forms be it engineering, management, entrepreneurship, science or even dabbawallahs and un-earthening the tremendous potential we as a country have, the consumer driven economy that it is.
True India has challenges probably very few countries have, be it corruption, politicians, illiteracy, poverty, etc but hey who says they can't be improved. As we all know the overall state of the nation has been gradually improving, thanks to the role played by media in highlighting the value of learning technology (computers), english etc, we are finally waking up to the vision the likes of A P J Kalam have always envisaged.
There's only thread that is acting as the biggest roadblock to the growth of the nation and it is not the population, not the geography and not the illiteracy to say the least but the so called constitutional democracy that is taken for granted in sheer disrespect to the architect who drafted every inch of it.
It's the Nilekani's, Shashi Tharoor's, you and me who need to take the oath to not to be submissive to these Raj Thackaray's, Deve Gowda's, Advani's, Narendra Modi's, 21st century Gandhi's and stand up courageously against their vote driven agendas and am sure the day will soon approach when we can say this is our India after all and embrace the change we all can cherish.
Well whether I will join that league of change makers....perhaps only time will tell.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Quash The Democracy Temporarily

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Terror..terrior..terror..the latest word to join the pary of state's inability to maintain law and order. And how? rewind to 26 Nov, 2008. Why don't the terrorists blast the assemblies? May be because they together form a cool ecosyste supporting each other just to drive home their case of politics, agenda being votes.
Hey god we no more need those 524 MPs, or MLAs, all we need is one inevitable one, a leader who can show the change with the support from people. All we need now as a final resort is a la Jr George Bush leadership. A tough one to deal for the terrorists....we no longer can afford to laugh at famous uncle sam jokes, we after all need the same approach now. A watch at every nook and corner, and perhaps only Bush can deliver this leadership.
No matter what the world says we have a right to defend ourselves, now more so after Mumbai attacks and nothing less that post 9/11 approach of US will do. And who else than Bush, who delivered it for the past 8 years without even a single minor attack....hats off to you Mr Bush.
The CPI, BJP etc who don the hat of so called left wing politics at times are pure hypocrites....had Modi's, Advani's, Sonis's or Karat's kin died in the attacks, only then would have realized the importance of ruling with sanctity.
We all Indian's must unite and stand against the dirty shit of our post independence era called as politics and I believe the courage of standing against this system will automatically put things in place one after the other and will give our nation the new blood of leadership that we all desperately require. But people of India can't alone fight the terrorists, but can alone fight the pale system of politics and then together can stand all it LeT or Al Qaeda.