Sunday, October 11, 2009

Mourning Stephan Gately's Death

Back from a drive with my friends and incidently switched on TV...and guess what! 'We miss Stephen Gately' was getting flashed on News 9 with 'Words' playing in the background. What a shock to have heard this news. Somehow missed this news in Print and TV earlier, but really aghast to know the lead singer of Boyzone is no more alive.

This year surely is one among the many black years in the history of music. First MJ and now Stephen's loss is highly dissonant.

Thanks Stephen for giving some wonderful music for us to cherish forever. As they say you never know when one is gone...I pray to almighty that may the loss be for the better and may your soul rest in peace.

Love you forever. Your 'Words' will never be forgotten in this world.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Zhansi Ki Rani Lakshmibai: Pride of Every Indian or Rather Every Human

I was browsing channels few hours ago and incidentally came across a title of one Zee TV sop Ek Veer Stree Ki Kahani...Zhansi Ki Rani, literally translating into 'story of a brave woman....Queen of Zhansi'. We all have heard and read about Lakshmibai from elementary school level but little did we know then that personalities like hers have actually shaped and have sown a seed of new wisdom for us to follow even when the British are no more around. In spite of being habitual of paying no heed to Zee TVs and Star TVs for their saas-bahu kinda serials, this time I decided to hang on for few minutes to see what this serial is all about. As many of such history inspired TV dramas are preposterous in nature for not stating the history as it is, this one seemed a fairly less extravagant effort in portraying the life of a legend called Zhansi Ki Rani.

Few scenes in the 30 minute serial were perhaps so appealing in nature that it even made me question could these incidents shown be real? A quick googling later helped me understand that in fact the very nature of Lakshmibai's life, account by account is an intriguing narration in itself.
That's when I decided to know more of her larger than life persona by reading her biography on And as author N S Ramaprasad has rightly put it in the prelude "She was the queen of a small state, but the empress of a limitless empire of glory."

The inspiration from this moving introduction was far more than just convincing for me to spend my last 45 minutes in reading her small yet highly significant life story. As is being shown in TV and as present in her biographies one thing that catches ones attention is how she had shown a character of 'patriotism, self-respect and heroism' par excellence from her pre-teens. Hence as we proceed through the pages the things become more and more clear that her childhood marriage to the King of Peshwa, early demise of her husband, denial of travel permission to Varanassi by British to shave her head, even the death of her infant were not mere facts of an unjust Almighty but a means of self discovery for Lakshmibai to take reigns of Zhansi one day and live a life no one in this world has ever lived...though only for 22 years.

I urge everyone to go through the biography of Lakshmibai and take part in process of self discovery. We may no longer have colonial powers around but dominant ills like dowry, rape, domestic violence, infanticide, foeticide etc are still looming large going by disgusting national statistics, we need 21st century Zhansi Ki Rani like Lakshmibais who will stand the test of time and fight the menace.

On an emotional but logical end note, her biography has once again after many days has made me ponder on after all what is it that people like Lakshmibai, Jeejabai, Onake Obavva, Tipu Sultan, Bhagat Singh....Maj. Sandip Unnikrishnan and many such souls are made of. Circumstances, values, or what is it that has defined their conscience far outweighing their own will to live for themselves like most of us do.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Sexuality Through Our Myopic Lenses And Beyond: Scrap Article 377 In The Country

References: The Economic Times and Deccan Herald

Who established heterosexuality as the only 'natural' means of expressing your sexual orientation? A question mainstream social India has no answer for but is thriving on the basis of this myopic assumption. Right from the time one is born society imposes on you a belief that the only natural instinct of a man or a woman in this country is to find a soul mate of the opposite sex. Your schools, friends, parents, movies, government and everybody else believes it and so are you expected to believe it.

Not that am trying to defy the age old myth mainstream Indian population holds by saying we are utterly incorrect in our assumptions but today the times are different. The onset of globalization along with the free media in this country have given us enough instances to count on the definition of what each of us believe of those who think otherwise about heterosexuality as the only 'natural' thing. Because of the wisdom our values and the very culture, that everyone in this country seems to own and understand, have given us it is seemingly becoming obvious that somewhere by imposing this myth onto ourselves as the eternal truth we are doing injustice to the very spirit of human life.

Nobody has the intrinsic right to define what ones sexual preference should be and especially in the context of the world rising to the occasion and understanding this and thus scrapping their laws that once identified anything other than heterosexuality as the crime. Not to look for away, Delhi High Court's phenomenal verdict on PIL filed by Naz Foundation is a first towards correcting the historical injustice the Article 377 was exhibiting. What is highly appreciable is the detailed painstaking effort the duo of judges have put in while decriminalizing consensual sex between people of same sex.

Thankfully at least in Delhi today proclaiming one’s sexual indentity as a gay or lesbian is not a taboo (not that it is any important but as a matter of equalty) and individuals can lawfully make the decision of choosing their partner of any sex. All this means only one thing, even though Article 377 once criminalized homosexuality, the fundamentals on which constitution is based honoring the right to equality and freedom is above all worth admiration.

As Chief Justice of Delhi High Court Ajit P rakash Shah, who gave the verdict along with Justice Muralidhar, said "moral indignation, howsoever strong, is not a valid basis for overriding individuals’ fundamental rights of dignity and privacy. In our scheme of things, constitutional morality must outweigh the argument of public morality, even if it be the majoritarian view.”

It is always true that human perceptions or beliefs are formed and influenced by environment, consisting of upbringing, education, exposure via reading, media, and existing beliefs among people that get imparted to during our interaction. It is quite understandable then that people confide themselves in social values even though at times overriding the principles of equality as in this case. As Dr Ambedkar wrote it “Constitutional morality is not a natural sentiment. It has to be cultivated. We must realize that our people have yet to learn it.”

It is then in the interest of all us that society as whole opens its eyes in the midst of our divergent views upholding the basic thread of our culture of being inclusive to diversities.

My Wish List For Better India, Better World :

  1. Child Rights
  2. Orphan Rehabilitation
  3. Empowerment Of Women
  4. Regulation Of Sex Trade
  5. Decriminalizing All Sexualities

Friday, June 26, 2009

Deepest Condolences To MICHAEL JACKSON

Many come and go, some make us laugh, some make us cry, and some make our lives more colorful. Michael, though you existed somewhere in this world till 25th June 2009, made my days more meorable with your cherishable music. I can't forget the beautiful songs composed that connect me to my soul. It is disheartning to realize that you are no more alive among us physically. With deepest sorrow I pray in almighty that may your soul rest in peace and our love be with you like a guiding angel. Lastly your music still rocks and will continue to rock as long as mankind will be alive.

I will miss you...Let your music 'Heal the World'.


Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Manjunath Shanmugam Integrity Award 2009

Dear All,

You are invited to the presentation ceremony of the Third Manjunath Shanmugam Integrity Award. This award honours and encourages those who are working to uphold the values of truth and honesty in Indian public life. The award carries a citation and a cash prize of Rupees One Lakh. Please show your support by attending.The award is in memory of Manjunath Shanmugam, a young Indian Oil officer and Alumnus of IIM Lucknow, who was murdered in the line of duty while fighting corrupt practices. The Trust fought the case successfully, with all 8 accused found guilty: the main accused given the death penalty and the rest, life imprisonment.The distinguished Award Jury comprised Mr. Shekhar Gupta, Editor-in-Chief of Indian Express and Chief Executive Officer of Indian Express Group, Mr. S. Gopalakrishnan, CEO and M.D. of Infosys Technologies Ltd, Ms. Rama Bijapurkar, a recognized thought leader on market strategy and consumer issues, all eminent citizens of our country.
Event Details
Date: Saturday, June 13, 2009
Time: 4:00pm - 4:30pm: Registration and Tea /Coffee
4:30pm - 6:30pm: Event Please be seated 5 minutes before the Programme starts. We are following a strict time schedule
IIM Bangalore Auditorium

Chief Guest
Ramon Magsaysay Award winner Ms. Aruna Roy

This is an open event. However, we request you to register and kindly confirm your presence, to help us plan for the event. While entering the IIM Bangalore campus on the day of the presentation ceremony, please carry a printout of this event or mention the name of the event to the security.

To learn more about the Manjunath Shanmugam Trust, please
RSVP: Ms Aqhila Banu 080-32518394, or

Looking forward to your participation,

The Manjunath Shanmugam Trust

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Mangalore Attack Saga: Beginning of Triumph for the Right

News flash: NCW member Nirmala Venkatesh received the much deserved treatment (sacked from the NCW membership). In the wake of the incidents created by moral policing, and inhumanely backed by the likes of NCW member Nirmala Venkatesh, it is becoming unbearable with passing day for our women to breathe the spirit of freedom.
Though there are people like Minister of State for Child Welfare and Women's Development, Smt Renuka Chowdhury, who are defying every possible notion by taking on the system for subdued right of inquality endorsed by our political system from the likes of Yediyurappa, our country will not ever forget the incident that happened in Mangalore and the follow up events that are taking place in Karnataka in the name of culture, religion, etc.
Amidst all this dark shadow casted state of affairs in the country there are people like Nirmala Venkatesh, member of NCW, who are accountable by every rule laid in NCW to uphold the dignity and equality for women, who take pride in insensitive and irresponsible remarks.
It is in this light we as a nation saw the never before seen coscience moving uproar in the society backed thoroughly by all humane youth to stand against the anti social agendas of Sri Ram Senes and the like. The sacking of Nirmala Venkatesh from NCW thus reaffirms our belief in the right to live and let live.
It is only going to be a matter of time before we as citizens unite in large numbers and fight these self proclaimed custodians of culture towards a better society...

Friday, February 13, 2009

Victory No. 1: Muthalik Calls Off Violent Valentine's Day Protests!

Wow, looks like people power has started ticking in again. News reports say that Muthalik has called off the violent protests in lieu of their information that some miscreants have plans to disrupt the peace in the city. Hmm, does he and his goons know that nobody else in the city is given the status of miscreants par humanity that his own men?

It is far cry from when they started off opposing the very existence of Valentine’s Day and their threats to its endorsers. The only logical explanation to this move seems to be the secret directive from their own fatherly state government and Police to not to take law in their hands due to the mounting public outrage.

However it is hard to believe these extremists powered by political motives when they say ‘they will protest non-violently if they spot anyone dressing indecently.’ We have no problem with your protests Mr Muthalik as long as they are conducted within the purview of the law. Everyone in this country has the right to express and voice their opinions.

I congratulate everyone involved in this movement to uphold our fundamental rights of freedom and equality, though the true feat will actually be achieved by ensuring a smooth Feb 14th and only the dawn of the Feb 15th will make things clear.

Having said this let us still be on our tenterhooks and keep a vigil on these anti social elements as we have planned. Continue with PUB BHARO, now more so with grace and freedom.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Thanksgiving E-mail and Photographs: Peace procession: 7th Feb 2009

Dear All,

With the happiness of highest magnitude I am writing this thanks giving e-mail to you.

Please see below the link to view the photographs of the procession:

The day was 07th Feb, 2009, sunny Saturday morning in Bangalore, a bunch of 100 odd citizens mostly youngsters, a high visibility locale, a peace procession, cause - protest moral policing and express support to Mangalore pub victims. A perfect setting to say finally the souls are awakening.
From years now we have been coming across news of injustice and seen violations of fundamental rights of individuals in our country and every time we felt the need to do something. It was on 24th Jan that we saw the horrific incident of hooliganism in a Mangalore Pub, and that when we decided enough is enough, no matter what results or outcomes we face, we are not going to sit back and feel surrendered as a symbol of injustice to our conscience anymore. Thus came out my thoughts on blog and eventually took shape in the form of a peace procession. So with tremendous anguish and outrage against those barbarians of human values we started coining up ideas with few colleagues and friends and decided to hold the procession on a 1st Saturday, which was 07th Feb 2009.


With no background of holding or participating in any procession earlier, post the circulation of invitation to everyone, actually did I start feeling the heat in terms of:
Permission – law and its long muscles won’t let your life to be easy even with a right reason…:-)
Route – toughest in terms of convincing the police, finally sadly had to settle for a not so prime location M G Statue, compromising on Brigade or Church Street, but even then took tad a week to have official permission
Attendees – to ensure large participation from people of all walks of life, be it professionals or students, depended on media, Internet, pamphlets and word of mouth
Safety – – it took a while for me to figure out how dow we maximize safety of our people from any notorious elements during the procession, thus came in few Innovas (emergency escort vehicles) and an ambulance as any untoward incident was the last thing we could have expected post Mangalore attacks

D-Day (7th Feb 2009):
I reached the venue at 0800 AM with those who have worked with me all along to ensure the success of the procession. It was around 830 AM when a bunch of 5 people comprising 3 boys and 2 girls joined us. And as the times passed by, people started walking in individually and in groups of 2 to 3. The proposed time to start the procession was 1000 AM, but to our surprise despite having more than 300 interested people expressing their desire to participate only about 50 people assembled at this time. Then came Pratigya with all the more energy and there followed her bunch of adrenaline moving friends and soon our procession was about to start.

Needless to say that as was proposed, all the participants had black ribbons as a sign of protest against Mangalore Pub Attacks and filled in Good Citizenship Form.
And as was expected media was present.

Focus and Outcome:
Some of the things that came out of this procession were just nice too be described in mere words. I have always believed that most men and women are good human beings and given the right platform and conviction can rise up to the occasion.

A senior citizen joined us with her daughter and grand daughter in support of the cause. What really heart moving was the sheer commitment that she showed in protecting our fundamental rights and how she has upheld it throughout her life which was obvious from her energy and never say die attitude….
thank you grandma (Ms Saldana) from all of us, our country needs many more men and women like you.

Another very interesting and heart moving incident was the way in which women took up the cause, and became evident as one girl in pink top and black scarf spoke to one news channel about her constitutional rights in a truly passionate manner, and thus was by far according to me the best motivating moment.

At this juncture I specifically salute all women who have taken up this cause. Great job and we are proud to have you as the citizens of the country.

This is not to say that the men’s contribution was any less. All you men out there who have not surrendered and taken up this cause are no less than heroes to me. And it became quite evident when I requested few women to come in the front for a media group photo, a lady wearing black top smilingly turned off the request stating you guys posing for cameras will set out an example of men’s support to the cause. Thanks all of you for being so united, a bit emotional element here….

Be it bank professionals, lawyers, corporate trainers, IT professionals, architecture professionals, housewives, students, other professionals, you all have just proved that this country has a fighting spirit and will not bow down to few anti social elements.

The most important element was the fact that the procession got the correct coverage which it deserves in the light of the unfortunate moral policing and has already reached Vidhan Soudha hopefully along with many other protests that took place in the weekend as our cause is united.

Post procession:
I woke up at 0900 am the next day morning all more confident, and the spirits were really boosted to see the photographs of procession with the correct messaging in all leading dailies, with Indian Express putting it on front page. Soon by 1100 AM it became clear to us that almost every newspaper be it English, Kannada or Telugu, in fact all have inserted our procession photograph and with correct caption or messaging (with the exception of 2 English dailies).

The path to the ultimate victory of human endeavor cannot be tread by one peace procession but by many such activities which propagate our message well into the larger sections of the society and create awareness, thus motivating others to come forward empowering themselves in making the country a place worth living

In this spirit we need to have many channels of expresseing ourselves, to make it a bigger voice in terms of causing the right vibration and achieve the overall objective of eradicating moral policing and support the unfortunate victims. For this need your coordination and support. So in the wake of looming threats by few moral police against couples on Feb 14th, we are planning to go all out in spreading the right message and hence I urge you to please come forward and know the plan and put your ideas. This one needs to happen fast and really fast.

Vote of Thanks:
We thank all those who coudn't participate in the procession but have their hearts out to support our unanimous cause. We wish to see you soon in action.

Finally with humility, respect and pride I salute everyone for coming forward in a true spirit of humanity and thus leave fingerprints on the walls of history as good citizens by your participation!

Special thanks to media: We also definitely owe very special thanks to all reporters who have also contributed largely to our united cause by articulating the message to the larger masses...from Bangalore Times, Bangalore Mirror to The New Indian Express.

With love,
Indraneel Murkumbi

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

IMPORTANT: Peace Procession Update

Dear Participant,

With a sigh of relief I confirm that the peace procession is indeed confirmed for tomorrow dated 07th February 2009.

For timings and the agenda please contact me immediately:

Format of the rally:

Ø Two participants will walk in a row followed by rows of two participants in each row
Ø One black ribbon will be provided to each participant at the point of meet
Ø Black ribbon can be used to cover the mouth or tied on a hand or around forehead as a symbol of peace protest
Ø Slogans slanting, loud speakers or any other form of protest not specified in the format of the rally will not be allowed and falls outside the purview of the permission obtained for this peace procession by the police
Ø Please note that the participation of number of participants in the peace procession is beyond the control of the organizers, however best efforts have been put to ensure awareness creation


An ambulance is on standby for first aid and emergencies
Mineral water is available for all
A vehicle is on stand by to escort women and men in case of any untoward incident with women being given priority

Finally I, Indraneel Murkumbi hereby state that all care has been taken to make sure that the peace procession gets completed with peace and diligence.

No deviation from the plan discussed above is covered by our planning and hence I request you all to stick to the plan and thus achieve the maximum mileage from the peace procession in condemning the Mangalore Pub Attack against women and specifically moral policing.

For any suggestions, tips, complaints please contact me at +91 9342210058 or and I will graciously reply to your queries.

We Condemn Mangalore Pub Attack And Moral Policing

Last Chance To Participate In The Peace Procession:

Peace Procession
Change: MG , Mahatma Gandhi Statue
7th February 2009
10 AM to 12 PM

Important Note: Please note that the meeting point for the peace procession has been shifted from Trinity Circle along with the route. Now the peace procession will start from Mahatma Gandhi Statue on M G Road. The information has been e-mailed to all participating.

"Never doubt that a small group of committed people can change the world. Indeed it is the only thing that ever has." --Margaret Mead

No better prelude than the above one better describes the following arrangement of words or rather an invitation to you and your like minded friends and family members.

This day it is not enough to be a good human being; it is absolutely must to be a good citizen. It is with sadness of highest order that the entire country heard and then saw the shocking footage of the attack and molestation of women in a pub in Mangalore by 40 goons of a right-wing political religious outfit. This soon after followed by the Karnataka CM’s categorical remarks on the ‘pub culture’ has just given aid to the agenda of such outfits. We the citizens and the youth of this country strongly condemn this disrespect and moral ground taken by few men, including the Karnataka CM.

We the youth of this country feel obliged to state at this occasion and send awareness to the rest of the country and especially the political fraternity that we respect, love, salute and also feel proud of our country, culture, heritage and societal values. However we request you to hear us out, understand us and give us an opportunity to keep our point of view in front of you. We as youth are always and will always be with our leaders as long as they understand us and are ready to be empathetic.

With this very agenda I extend the invitation to you to be part of our initiative to convey our united message to the rest of the world by being part of the Peace Procession to be held on 7th February 2009, Saturday commencing from Mahatma Gandhi Statue on MG Road.

If you have it in you to be the change that you always thought of or even otherwise, then kindly contact us and be part of this parade and thus lay one more stone to the stronger foundation for our present and future.

Note: We do not endorse any political ideology nor are we into making any profit and this initiative is purely driven by few of us who have their hearts out to protest Mangalore attacks and moral policing leading to Talibanisation. We do not expect you to make any contribution other than your valuable time of few hours on Saturday.

I once again request you to participate in large numbers and spread the word among your friends and family. Please call or e-mail to be a part or to know more about the procession:

Mobile: +91 9342210058
E-mail: or
Please Share Your Comments on Blog

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Pramod Mutalik: Not Just A Leader Of Rack Sack Hooligans Supported By BS Yediyurappa

Breaking News: Pramod Mutalik's phone conversations with Malegaon Blast Intercepted
Time: 11 PM IST, 29 Jan 2009
Story: Those of you bothered to read my last blog and also those who prefer to keep themselves updated on current affairs know who Pramod Mutalik is? For those uninitiated he is one of the much celebrated leaders of so called hindutva group called Sri Ram Sena (founder), recently black listed in our minds fore the party's attack on women in Mangalore pub Amnesia. I first happened to know him in 2001 when during my college days I attended the hindutva meet out of curiosity addressed by Pramod Mutalik and another ill hearted saffron leader Praveen Togadia. During their venomous speech against another religion, I happened to even forget my own standing in the heat of the moment (but then I was only 19 then). So powerful was their vocal paraphernalia that it even explains why many a times educated fall pray to their vicious agenda. The only other heartening thing in the world during their speech was the fact that even the higher rank police officers attending that meet were playing mockery to the Indian constitution by being party to their speech.
I just wonder what makes these people spill the hatred ness in the society to the highest possible levels, mostly in the form of hindu-muslim divide, and shockingly in a violent way. And now the tentacles of their ill thoughts have taken a new stride by going a step ahead, not just confining themselves to creating hindu-muslim division but dividing the people on their age, by inducing never before thought ingredients like raising a voice on pub culture, short clothes of women, destroying shops on Valentines Day......and many more, disgusting indeed.
It is worthwhile to think whether it is a judicial use of my time in devoting few minutes of life writing about these shameless guinea pigs. But then I want to make a point to them that if you can go long way in your way in polluting our society then I can go a really long way too in stopping you and thus save the innocent people from getting inflicted by you.
With each passing year it is becoming alarmingly clear that unfortunately a party of repute BJP will only do more harm than good for the peace, but still people fall prey and vote them to power. Now enough is enough. I will with many like minded people start fighting against your statements, rallies, speeches and also your very existence in power until people unite and throw you behind bars for all the bad that you have created.
Advice de facto to Karnataka CM B S Yediyurappa: I have as a Gen X of this country lost complete trust in you in leading us towards a better society and want to see you and your party out of power at the earliest. If no more BJP, then less and less of hindu-muslim clashes, less and less of Godhras (Gujarat), less and less of generation differences, less and less of attacks on women.
Warning to right-wing radical religious groups: Awaken to the power of generation youth or else we will leave you in dust to cry for your life.
And finally unraveling the breaking news: As if the above criminal instincts are not enough there’s another feather in Pramod Mutalik’s cap of having one-to-one contact with Malegaon blast accused. Hmmm now what say friends…testimony to my blog...:)
Moral of the story: Ban the following right wing outfits immediately in the country

Shiv Sena
Sri Ram Sena
Bajrang Dal
Maharashtra Nav Nirman Seva

Sunday, January 25, 2009

A Blot On Humanity: Attack On Women In A Mangalore Pub

Minutes ago at about 455 pm IST, happened to see this unfortunate footage of horror on TIMES NOW where in a group 40 men enters a Pub in Mangalore assaulting unsuspecting visitors, comprising mostly women. Absolutely a disgusting incident indeed. As today being Sunday and tomorrow Republic Day here in India, I was in a bit of holiday mood when suddenly exasperated by this news on TV. Sadly feeling highly helpless for not in the power to bring those guilty behind bars and punish as severely as they could remember until they are alive.
Just can't tolerate these shenanigans anymore...Justice must prevail to innocent men, women and also to pub employees as few hooligans calling themselves portrayers of Indian culture have no right what so ever in executing moral policing. Looks like time has come in to ban these outfits, as I do not find any difference between extremists like SIMI supporters, Shiv Sainiks, Raj Thackareys, Sri Ram Sena and rest of the b*******.
It was heartily appalling to see those men with self interested touted religious agendas entrusted with a cultural angle, abuse and perhaps molest women present in the pub. Hey Mangaloreans I know you guys are not bad as those Sri Ram Senaites are making out to be and sending wrong signal to the world, so come and rise above their agendas, close their offices, refuse the social acceptance to them, catch hold of Prasad Attaval (head of Sri Ram Sena) and make him count stars with as stringent punishment as you can, if the law does not take its course quickly enough.
It was more so disgraceful to see one Sri Ram Sena spokesman defending the pub episode on national television as 'these school or college going girls have no right to wear short clothes as an insult to our values', now my question to him and their their demeanor is who on Earth is you think of yourself to execute such barbaric acts of crime with high headedness.
Never dare think of such things in Bangalore and people like me will chop you off your dirty thinking and clear the misnomer in your mind that with few goondas around, forming Sri Ram Senas, you can't win over the values humanity has stood upon. And in this spirit I also urge NCW (National Commission for Women) and National Human Rights Commission to fight until the hooligans are brought to justice. And hey Mangalore Police team, if you have slightest respect for women, the very cause of your life, then act transparently and with your entire mite to make pluralism, secularism and right to freedom a default fundamental commodity to all. If nothing else then at least remember that our Indian constitution stands on the foundation of these pillars.
A word of caution to the rest of India: Be prepared to take on moral policing as and when it appears, as at no point in time we must surrender to their interests, which in all likely cases is not going to be beneficial to our soceity. Be it from Shiv Sainiks, Raj Thackareys or Sri Ram Senas, it does not matter to us anymore.