Saturday, February 28, 2009

Mangalore Attack Saga: Beginning of Triumph for the Right

News flash: NCW member Nirmala Venkatesh received the much deserved treatment (sacked from the NCW membership). In the wake of the incidents created by moral policing, and inhumanely backed by the likes of NCW member Nirmala Venkatesh, it is becoming unbearable with passing day for our women to breathe the spirit of freedom.
Though there are people like Minister of State for Child Welfare and Women's Development, Smt Renuka Chowdhury, who are defying every possible notion by taking on the system for subdued right of inquality endorsed by our political system from the likes of Yediyurappa, our country will not ever forget the incident that happened in Mangalore and the follow up events that are taking place in Karnataka in the name of culture, religion, etc.
Amidst all this dark shadow casted state of affairs in the country there are people like Nirmala Venkatesh, member of NCW, who are accountable by every rule laid in NCW to uphold the dignity and equality for women, who take pride in insensitive and irresponsible remarks.
It is in this light we as a nation saw the never before seen coscience moving uproar in the society backed thoroughly by all humane youth to stand against the anti social agendas of Sri Ram Senes and the like. The sacking of Nirmala Venkatesh from NCW thus reaffirms our belief in the right to live and let live.
It is only going to be a matter of time before we as citizens unite in large numbers and fight these self proclaimed custodians of culture towards a better society...