Thursday, January 29, 2009

Pramod Mutalik: Not Just A Leader Of Rack Sack Hooligans Supported By BS Yediyurappa

Breaking News: Pramod Mutalik's phone conversations with Malegaon Blast Intercepted
Time: 11 PM IST, 29 Jan 2009
Story: Those of you bothered to read my last blog and also those who prefer to keep themselves updated on current affairs know who Pramod Mutalik is? For those uninitiated he is one of the much celebrated leaders of so called hindutva group called Sri Ram Sena (founder), recently black listed in our minds fore the party's attack on women in Mangalore pub Amnesia. I first happened to know him in 2001 when during my college days I attended the hindutva meet out of curiosity addressed by Pramod Mutalik and another ill hearted saffron leader Praveen Togadia. During their venomous speech against another religion, I happened to even forget my own standing in the heat of the moment (but then I was only 19 then). So powerful was their vocal paraphernalia that it even explains why many a times educated fall pray to their vicious agenda. The only other heartening thing in the world during their speech was the fact that even the higher rank police officers attending that meet were playing mockery to the Indian constitution by being party to their speech.
I just wonder what makes these people spill the hatred ness in the society to the highest possible levels, mostly in the form of hindu-muslim divide, and shockingly in a violent way. And now the tentacles of their ill thoughts have taken a new stride by going a step ahead, not just confining themselves to creating hindu-muslim division but dividing the people on their age, by inducing never before thought ingredients like raising a voice on pub culture, short clothes of women, destroying shops on Valentines Day......and many more, disgusting indeed.
It is worthwhile to think whether it is a judicial use of my time in devoting few minutes of life writing about these shameless guinea pigs. But then I want to make a point to them that if you can go long way in your way in polluting our society then I can go a really long way too in stopping you and thus save the innocent people from getting inflicted by you.
With each passing year it is becoming alarmingly clear that unfortunately a party of repute BJP will only do more harm than good for the peace, but still people fall prey and vote them to power. Now enough is enough. I will with many like minded people start fighting against your statements, rallies, speeches and also your very existence in power until people unite and throw you behind bars for all the bad that you have created.
Advice de facto to Karnataka CM B S Yediyurappa: I have as a Gen X of this country lost complete trust in you in leading us towards a better society and want to see you and your party out of power at the earliest. If no more BJP, then less and less of hindu-muslim clashes, less and less of Godhras (Gujarat), less and less of generation differences, less and less of attacks on women.
Warning to right-wing radical religious groups: Awaken to the power of generation youth or else we will leave you in dust to cry for your life.
And finally unraveling the breaking news: As if the above criminal instincts are not enough there’s another feather in Pramod Mutalik’s cap of having one-to-one contact with Malegaon blast accused. Hmmm now what say friends…testimony to my blog...:)
Moral of the story: Ban the following right wing outfits immediately in the country

Shiv Sena
Sri Ram Sena
Bajrang Dal
Maharashtra Nav Nirman Seva

Sunday, January 25, 2009

A Blot On Humanity: Attack On Women In A Mangalore Pub

Minutes ago at about 455 pm IST, happened to see this unfortunate footage of horror on TIMES NOW where in a group 40 men enters a Pub in Mangalore assaulting unsuspecting visitors, comprising mostly women. Absolutely a disgusting incident indeed. As today being Sunday and tomorrow Republic Day here in India, I was in a bit of holiday mood when suddenly exasperated by this news on TV. Sadly feeling highly helpless for not in the power to bring those guilty behind bars and punish as severely as they could remember until they are alive.
Just can't tolerate these shenanigans anymore...Justice must prevail to innocent men, women and also to pub employees as few hooligans calling themselves portrayers of Indian culture have no right what so ever in executing moral policing. Looks like time has come in to ban these outfits, as I do not find any difference between extremists like SIMI supporters, Shiv Sainiks, Raj Thackareys, Sri Ram Sena and rest of the b*******.
It was heartily appalling to see those men with self interested touted religious agendas entrusted with a cultural angle, abuse and perhaps molest women present in the pub. Hey Mangaloreans I know you guys are not bad as those Sri Ram Senaites are making out to be and sending wrong signal to the world, so come and rise above their agendas, close their offices, refuse the social acceptance to them, catch hold of Prasad Attaval (head of Sri Ram Sena) and make him count stars with as stringent punishment as you can, if the law does not take its course quickly enough.
It was more so disgraceful to see one Sri Ram Sena spokesman defending the pub episode on national television as 'these school or college going girls have no right to wear short clothes as an insult to our values', now my question to him and their their demeanor is who on Earth is you think of yourself to execute such barbaric acts of crime with high headedness.
Never dare think of such things in Bangalore and people like me will chop you off your dirty thinking and clear the misnomer in your mind that with few goondas around, forming Sri Ram Senas, you can't win over the values humanity has stood upon. And in this spirit I also urge NCW (National Commission for Women) and National Human Rights Commission to fight until the hooligans are brought to justice. And hey Mangalore Police team, if you have slightest respect for women, the very cause of your life, then act transparently and with your entire mite to make pluralism, secularism and right to freedom a default fundamental commodity to all. If nothing else then at least remember that our Indian constitution stands on the foundation of these pillars.
A word of caution to the rest of India: Be prepared to take on moral policing as and when it appears, as at no point in time we must surrender to their interests, which in all likely cases is not going to be beneficial to our soceity. Be it from Shiv Sainiks, Raj Thackareys or Sri Ram Senas, it does not matter to us anymore.