Wednesday, February 4, 2009

IMPORTANT: Peace Procession Update

Dear Participant,

With a sigh of relief I confirm that the peace procession is indeed confirmed for tomorrow dated 07th February 2009.

For timings and the agenda please contact me immediately:

Format of the rally:

Ø Two participants will walk in a row followed by rows of two participants in each row
Ø One black ribbon will be provided to each participant at the point of meet
Ø Black ribbon can be used to cover the mouth or tied on a hand or around forehead as a symbol of peace protest
Ø Slogans slanting, loud speakers or any other form of protest not specified in the format of the rally will not be allowed and falls outside the purview of the permission obtained for this peace procession by the police
Ø Please note that the participation of number of participants in the peace procession is beyond the control of the organizers, however best efforts have been put to ensure awareness creation


An ambulance is on standby for first aid and emergencies
Mineral water is available for all
A vehicle is on stand by to escort women and men in case of any untoward incident with women being given priority

Finally I, Indraneel Murkumbi hereby state that all care has been taken to make sure that the peace procession gets completed with peace and diligence.

No deviation from the plan discussed above is covered by our planning and hence I request you all to stick to the plan and thus achieve the maximum mileage from the peace procession in condemning the Mangalore Pub Attack against women and specifically moral policing.

For any suggestions, tips, complaints please contact me at +91 9342210058 or and I will graciously reply to your queries.

We Condemn Mangalore Pub Attack And Moral Policing

Last Chance To Participate In The Peace Procession:

Peace Procession
Change: MG , Mahatma Gandhi Statue
7th February 2009
10 AM to 12 PM

Important Note: Please note that the meeting point for the peace procession has been shifted from Trinity Circle along with the route. Now the peace procession will start from Mahatma Gandhi Statue on M G Road. The information has been e-mailed to all participating.

"Never doubt that a small group of committed people can change the world. Indeed it is the only thing that ever has." --Margaret Mead

No better prelude than the above one better describes the following arrangement of words or rather an invitation to you and your like minded friends and family members.

This day it is not enough to be a good human being; it is absolutely must to be a good citizen. It is with sadness of highest order that the entire country heard and then saw the shocking footage of the attack and molestation of women in a pub in Mangalore by 40 goons of a right-wing political religious outfit. This soon after followed by the Karnataka CM’s categorical remarks on the ‘pub culture’ has just given aid to the agenda of such outfits. We the citizens and the youth of this country strongly condemn this disrespect and moral ground taken by few men, including the Karnataka CM.

We the youth of this country feel obliged to state at this occasion and send awareness to the rest of the country and especially the political fraternity that we respect, love, salute and also feel proud of our country, culture, heritage and societal values. However we request you to hear us out, understand us and give us an opportunity to keep our point of view in front of you. We as youth are always and will always be with our leaders as long as they understand us and are ready to be empathetic.

With this very agenda I extend the invitation to you to be part of our initiative to convey our united message to the rest of the world by being part of the Peace Procession to be held on 7th February 2009, Saturday commencing from Mahatma Gandhi Statue on MG Road.

If you have it in you to be the change that you always thought of or even otherwise, then kindly contact us and be part of this parade and thus lay one more stone to the stronger foundation for our present and future.

Note: We do not endorse any political ideology nor are we into making any profit and this initiative is purely driven by few of us who have their hearts out to protest Mangalore attacks and moral policing leading to Talibanisation. We do not expect you to make any contribution other than your valuable time of few hours on Saturday.

I once again request you to participate in large numbers and spread the word among your friends and family. Please call or e-mail to be a part or to know more about the procession:

Mobile: +91 9342210058
E-mail: or
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