Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Hypocrisy Personified: Chiranjeevi

There’s enough being written in the media about the marriage of Srija, daughter of Tollywood superstar Chiranjeevi and her elopement with a middle class person. Some questioned the values being propagated by the films and some presented the unbiased picture of the story. The million dollar question is what is at stake? Two hearts loving each other or father and daughter in a culturally bonded society or perhaps the wrath of youth of the nation for taking a U turn from his much admired lover boy image of Telugu movies into a hypocrite person?
Well to me it will always be the last one. Mr Chiranjeevi must not forget that he lived better pat of his career symbolizing the image of an actor with one who fights ills of society, one who respects women, one who cares for the people as a hero, and one who mesmerizes his lady love with his charm winning her heart. In a world where actors are also seen as heroes in real life thus raising the bar of expectations this unexpected gesture of turning a blind eye to his own values imposed on a larger section of society is really questionable.
Hats off to Srija for having the courage of standing up to the powerful clout of her father and taking everyone at task thus in a way reminding the whole country of many roles played by her father in similar virtual situations.
My point of bringing this matter to fore front is definitely not to offer my emotional support to Srija but to drive home the point that our society irrespective of education, profession is still full of such cheap ideological people who in the name of culture and values downsize the very sentiments of human values that stand a class above all those dubious roles played by such individuals. Marriage of Srija didn’t turn Chiranjeevi into a hypocrite person but just showcased this hidden trait of his to us thus killing numerous awakened 21st century fans.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Some laugh at your expense....Plagiarism

Folks found this in print long back....don't remember the author. Thanks to him or her anyway:
  • Your book has a happy ending - I was so glad when it was over
  • This book is dedicated to my wife without whose cooperation in keeing silent it would not have been possible to write it
  • Divorce: Future tense of marriage
  • No one is ever satisfied. Poor men wish they were rich; rich men wish they were handsome; bachelors wish they were married; and married men wish they could run away
  • Today the only guy who likes to see a girl fully covered is her insurance agent

My Top 10 Hate List

  • Corrupt Politicians
  • Female Foeticide
  • Dowry
  • Hypocrisy in us
  • Archaic Indian constitution
  • Molestation
  • Slavery
  • Saas-Bahu serials
  • Terrorism - Naxalism
  • Child Labour

Monday, August 25, 2008

iPhone iPhone iPhone!

Heard of it? If you haven't then it's very likely that you either aren't yet born or staying no-where else but in the jungles of amazons....
That's the Apple iPhone....most sensationalized creation by man ever. He he he to me it's just one piece of over hyped useless piece of instrument that doesn't even provide the basic features of tele-device. Well if one really wanna know it then here is the camera compatibility, no message forwarding to its brother, no Bluetooth....what the heck?
True Apple guys are design geniuses but who cares....Let me name few more of its cousins. Apple must understand customers are ready to shell out any amount of money but hey guys don't rob them for something which isn't worth it. I can't imagine buying a Porsche or a Ferrari and then finding out it clocks 300 kmph only in test conditions....a pure s***.
Hey guys in India make sure if you end up buying it then it's 'coz you understand it the way it is and not because it's iPhone that sold more than a million pieces in just a week in US. Good Luck buyers.

Sunday, August 24, 2008


Finally a winner in splitsvilla....dissapooooointingly it's Shraddha. Have followed this show quite closely a la Roadies and was worth it. Raghu Ram and MTV's this team luks like is rocking....r coming up with one after another sterling shows. Splitsvills was just one more spicy show with a grain of salt....two boys....20 girls....mind boggling concept.
I started off saying a chauvinistic show but realized it's game of one's own desire to be chosen or dumped in her quest to be winner. To add it realizing the sexist stint came the twister that ultimately man will be chosen by the lady thus far.
I am sure MTV has already started coining up the cases for splitsvilla 2 in line with roadies' success....but hey guys make sure the contestants really live up to the expectations.
Finally Miss Heena Pardesani you simply rock....unlucky dude Varun....not able to yet rationalize his choice of Shraddha thus intentionally knocking off his ego playing role (a comment by dumped girl on Varun as an unlikely candidate for Heena in real life) or is he simply a man with no brains....whatever the truth be....the comment was right and ain't deserve Varun