Sunday, October 11, 2009

Mourning Stephan Gately's Death

Back from a drive with my friends and incidently switched on TV...and guess what! 'We miss Stephen Gately' was getting flashed on News 9 with 'Words' playing in the background. What a shock to have heard this news. Somehow missed this news in Print and TV earlier, but really aghast to know the lead singer of Boyzone is no more alive.

This year surely is one among the many black years in the history of music. First MJ and now Stephen's loss is highly dissonant.

Thanks Stephen for giving some wonderful music for us to cherish forever. As they say you never know when one is gone...I pray to almighty that may the loss be for the better and may your soul rest in peace.

Love you forever. Your 'Words' will never be forgotten in this world.